MNJ Media Consulting is a full-service domestic and international media company, launched by President, Madinah N. James, and  cultivated from 25 years of diverse professional media experience. We are responsible for various media consulting projects including providing coverage and writing for renowned outlets, companies, organizations, and venues.

Some of our clients include CNN, MSNBC, Barclays Capital, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Medium, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Expo 2020 Dubai, Mercedes-Benz, New York Fashion Week, The United Nations, The Learning Annex, Rutgers University, Madison Square Garden, The American Heart Association, The American Stroke Association, The Robert Hill Foundation, The World Hypertension League, The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, The Women’s Federation for World Peace, etc.

Various roles include speaking, editorial writing, script writing, production, on camera correspondence, public relations, social media marketing/management and content creation.

Key Achievements:

    • Providing media coverage for domestic and international media outlets, affiliates, and international news bureaus, to create newsworthy stories. Cover diverse news and events from the entrepreneurial, business, philanthropic, health & wellness, educational, political, societal, entertainment and community landscapes.
    • Serves as a ‘think tank’ for organizations seeking to increase their visibility in local, national, and international communities. Mission based in promoting businesses and organizations while balancing economic prosperity and providing tools to successfully communicate their strategies. Providing a pathway by which organizations and businesses can ensure accountability, in that all communication passes through a third party for accuracy. Responsible for organizing executive communications such as external press calls, press appearances and other logistics.
    • Participant in international panel discussions at The United Nations around gender equality for women and the role the media plays in highlighting relevant issues and topics, raising awareness and countering stigma and misinformation to covering local and global forums, discussions, and events.
    • Marketing consultant for a privately held, fully integrated real estate firm/investment fund manager, highlighting unique, quality opportunities between the United States and the United Arab Emirates in addition to creating presentations for domestic/international investors during annual advisory board meetings in Singapore, Paris, and London.
    • Media coverage at global 6-month Expo in Dubai, highlighting 192 participating nations and various international organizations focusing on an array of programs and initiatives highlighting sustainability, mobility, opportunity, and inspiring innovations.
    • Responsible for the marketing division of a hedge fund inclusive of private/direct, hard money lenders that fund residential real estate investment deals of 12-month interest only bridge loans from an $18 million fund. Clients include real estate investors of residential properties, inclusive of single family, mixed use, and multi-family properties for the purpose of fixing, holding, flipping and reconstruction.